Why Koolock?

Discover the applications enabled by a modern, multispectral, high-resolution IR imaging system with a high revisit rate.

  • Increased resolution up to 100 times higher compared to GEO satellites allows for more accurate environmental monitoring.
  • Multispectral Infrared, both mid-wave and long-wave, combined with visible, enables a higher degree of clarity without being affected by fog or low-level clouds
  • High revisit rates (how often an image of the same spot on Earth can be captured) of up to 3 hours reveal subtle changes as they occur.

Koolock is the only satellite thermal imagery provider that will combine these three elements in a single package, creating unparalleled insight into the environment of the imaged areas. This capability enables high-value services that are tailored to the customer's needs.

Forestry Management: Monitor and Mitigate Deforestation As It Happens

Ensure the Health of Your Carbon Sinks

Total biomass awareness is crucial for understanding the health, composition, and evolution of forests. Having the best raw data enables accurate assessments of forests and human activities, leading to easier and faster compliance reporting under international environmental agreements. React to deforestation immediately, deploying limited resources where they will have the greatest effect.

Disaster Relief: Fastest Emergency Response

Be Notified Immediately When a Disaster Situation Develops

Every minute counts in an emergency. Whether it is a fire, a flood, or a storm, rapid characterization and ongoing monitoring of the event are the key to saving lives and providing effective relief.

Energy Management: Ensure Maximally Efficient Operations

Efficiency and Compliance Monitoring

Quantify the amount of solar energy that could be generated by solar panels at a particular location.

Estimate the amount of carbon emission by monitoring gas flares.

Ensure oil spills are detected immediately and assessed accurately.

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