Your Swiss Army Knife for Responding to Your Environment

The Most Advanced Feature Set For Weather and Environmental Monitoring

Redefining state of the art

Use the most advanced commercially available thermal imaging system created

Our imaging operations begin in space with the most advanced cameras on the market, offering data in both mid-wave and long wave infrared.

From space to your computer

Cutting-edge algorithms at your fingertips

Our satellites constantly measure conditions on Earth. This data is automatically stored, processed, and normalized so our advanced environmental intelligence systems can give you the insights that best meet your needs.

360° 24/7 coverage

Never miss anything of interest

Every spot on Earth can be observed by our satellite constellation with clockwork regularity, maintaining coverage of the areas that matter most to you.

Improved environmental science

Longer-term forecasting with higher accuracy

Your proprietary forecasting and prediction algorithms give results only as good as the data they received. Use the best information available to gain a critical advantage over the competition.

Easiest data delivery

Environmental data for everybody, everywhere

Our user interface provides intuitive, efficient exploration and interpretation of all available environmental and weather data by anybody in your organization. Advanced APIs for your automated systems make it easy to integrate our data into your forecasting infrastructure.

Immediate notifications

Get alerts when new events are detected

There is no need to spend precious staff hours monitoring data feeds. Set your own monitoring parameters and be notified when our systems detect new events that are important to you.

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